Tachoscheiben für W140 S-Klasse
Tachoscheiben für W140 S-Klasse
Tachoscheiben für W140 S-Klasse
Tachoscheiben für R129 SL
Tachoscheiben für R129 SL
Tachoscheiben für R129 SL
Tachoscheiben für W140 S-Klasse

Speedometer design for Mercedes W140 and R129 / SL

Speedometer foil and/or speedometer foils stick were yesterday. Speedometer dials from all-plastic for Mercedes !

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W140 / R129 Cabriolet SL

Suitably we have naturally also self adhesive rings with aluminum of brushed sureface in the assortment. Like that the optics is perfect. Sportily and neverthelesss luxurioes. Evenly like the whole vehicle.

The rings are easy from plastic and thus by your flexibility by the openings of the plastic screen from the rear to install.

Speedometer dials in many color from our “color selection” for the R129 SL

Naturlly also for the speedometer with more similar km-indicate

Now finally also for R129 in the program. Further pictures follow (aluminum with blue transillumination and so on.). Available for the moment for all R129 with digital or more similarly km-indicate and tachometer to 7000 and 8000. Also withdial 300 km/h available.

For your order or questions:

E-Mail an HEIZ Tachodesign

for example in white with blue transillumination for only 89 EURO

Speedometer dial special fabrications/ small series

Tachofolien / Tachofolie kleben war gestern / white face gauges / fond fonds compteur witte wijzerplaten

HEIZ Tachodesign...........not simply, only differently

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