Speedometer design in completion with our new  SMD-LED`s

For nearly all vehicles these SMD LED`s are suitable.

It applies to consider the following differnces with the different motor vehicle types:

1. Vehicles, wich have colored, from the rear vaporized dials.

Ford Focus, Peugoeot 306, Renault Clio 1, in order to call examples. For these vehicles a SMD kit is changableonly in connection with our speedometer dials with corresponding blue or red ztransillumination on extremely blue or red light, since otherwise the luminous paint of the SMD`s with the vaporized color of the dials would mix and no clever lighting to conditions would thus come.

2. Vehicles with white analyzed speedometer dials.

These leave themselves also without our speedometer dials changes. One must mention however to the fact that in connection with our dials the “blue effect” precipitates ever more extremely, since our dials posses the characteristic to distribute the light in the dial still better. Thus the “Golf 4 effect” is perfect.

3. Vehicles with speedometer dials from sheet

Here must be met special measures. The not analyzing speedometer dials must be developed naturally first times. Then those are accommodated and/or glued on SMD`s in the housing. In the end our dials assigned and finished is those Golf 4 lighting. Converd special for Golf 3 and Corrado are in preparation!

4. Vehicle, wich already have it SMD technology and were so far not possible with those to change the color of the lighting !

For these vehicles (for example Golf 4, Passat 3 und 4B, Audi A4 A6 from 98 and so on) a change is likewise suitable! Our SMD`s simply over the old SMD`s are set. Since SMD`s cold light are and only respective resistances deliver the warm, this no problem represents.

Take yourselves please a few minutes time, in order to read the text over the applicability for the different vehicles.

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Speedometer dial special fabrications/ small series

Tachofolien / Tachofolie kleben war gestern / white face gauges / fond fonds compteur witte wijzerplaten

HEIZ Tachodesign...........not simply, only differently

Dials, white face gauges, speedometer, speed dials, face plates, white face gauges,  Opel Calibra, Astra F/G, Vectra A/B, Omega A/B, Lotus, Senator A/B, Corsa A/B/C, Agila, Tigra, Kadett C/D/E, Manta B, Ascona B/C,  VW Golf 1/2/3/4, Corrado, G60, V6, VR6, 16V, Seat Ibiza, Cordoba, Leon, Toledo, Mazda MX 5, MX5, 323 BG, Xedos 6, Toyota Celica T20, T23, VVT, Miata, Renault R19, R5, GTE, GTI, GSI, GSE, Clio, Williams, Phase 1/2, Peugeot 206, XS, 106, 306, Mercedes E-Klasse, C-Klasse, SL, R129, SLK, W124, W140, W210, W202, W201, 190er, Porsche 968, 944, 986, 996, Boxster, Boxter, 944, S2, Turbo, 323F, 323, BG, MX6, BMW, Diesel, Z3, E30, 3er, 5er, 7er, E36, E46, E38, E39, E34, E32, M3, M5, X5, X7, Porsche 944 Turbo, 968 Tiptronic,  Audi 80, 90, 100, Typ 89, B3, B4, Audi A6, S6, C4, A4, S4. S3, S2, TT, D11, V8, Honda CRX, EH6, EG2, ED9, ED 9, Del Sol, Ford Focus, RS, ST170, Ecsort, Fiesta GFJ, C, Mondeo GBP, MK1, MK2, MK3, LX, GLX, Probe, Cougar, Smart , Motorräder, K1200 RS, K1200RS, Goldwing, uva.-/

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